Delane vowed, “Never again on my watch…”

Senior Moments is the brain child of Delane Sims who founded Senior Moments in the summer of 2005.

Delane has a natural affinity for seniors since she was born to an senior citizen.  Her father, Mr Andrew F. Hatch, was over 60 when she was born.  He is now one of the oldest living persons in the world at the ripe ol age of – 114!  Delane often exclaims, “My dad is my ultimate calling card in the world of senior care, I thank God that I know a little something about helping seniors stay sustainable. Now I want to share my knowledge with other elders.”

Mr. Hatch, lives on his own, drives his scooter “to town” at least 4 days a week, and loves to laugh and have fun. He does not take medication, has no known diseases and his last blood pressure reading was 120/70 – amazing!
Delane has taken care of several older family members, but it was her experience with her business that led her to start Senior Moments.  Delane has a nail care business and besides seeing clients at her salon, she goes to the homes of those who are elderly and disabled.

One elderly client in particular had few resources, friends or family and Delane found herself providing far more then pedicure services to this client. Delane’s duties to this client expanded to grocery shopping, getting the mail, and managing all household affairs from home repairs to tenant concerns.  Delane’s client was particularly challenged since she was bound to a wheel chair as an amputee yet she lived on the top floor of her tri-plex and had to be carried out any time she needed to leave her residence.

Before Delane could manage all of her cherished client’s affairs – she passed away.  Delane vowed, “never again on my watch.”  Delane discovered that her client’s situation was not unique and Delane could not help the many seniors who are home alone without support. 

Delane took her desire to start a group to help seniors to a friend who worked at the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce. This friend, Sylvia Deaton, helped Delane to convince the chamber to allow Senior Moments to become a program of the chamber. This allowed Senior Moments to invite other chamber members to attend meetings who had an interest in senior needs and concerns. Meetings were conducted the second Wednesday of each month by Delane and almost 8 years later…

From its inception, SM has only operated soley on volunteer support. Shortly after SM was created, Delane saw the need for strong guidance and support so she asked Mr. Leroy Smith to join SM as the Co-Chair. Mr. Smith has often been referred to by Delane as “the engine” that helps SM run. 

Seniors Moments, in partnership with integrated senior service organizations and groups, reaches out with compassion to  homebound seniors and their care givers to help them in the most effective and compassionate way possible, to provide them with the tools they need to become productive and self-reliant.

Integral to this effort are our generous community of supporters and thousands of acts of loving kindness such as visits to elderly and disabled community members, and delivering food during the holidays.

Please join our efforts to create more “Senior Moments” to improve the lives of seniors everywhere.

Donations of any amount are appreciated and go a long way in helping us assist our elder community.