Senior Moments mission is to work for the empowerment, independence, dignity and quality of life of isolated, homebound and/or disabled older adults and to support their families through advocacy and the coordination and delivery of referral based services.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, nationally 30% of seniors live aloneā€¦the isolated elderly are more likely to suffer from chronic disease, disability, and depression. Senior Moments seeks to improve the public health in the U.S. by reaching out to isolated Americans in the community. Finding and assisting isolated elders can reduce health care utilization among this population and even save money by preventing complications of chronic disease, improving medication non-adherence, and establishing end-of-life preferences before severe illness strikes

Senior Moments locates isolated elders who are marooned in their homes. This will be accomplished by partnering with businesses and organizations that represent the only point of contact for this demographic such as; police/fire departments, hospice agencies, and apartment management companies. Our goal is to create a replicable model for locating isolated elders in the city of San Leandro, California that can be implemented in cities throughout the Bay Area and eventually across the nation. Once the elder are identified or referred to us, Senior Moments then provides referrals and , if necessary, becomes an advocate to the elder when it becomes necessary to assist them. Without this type of outreach, many isolated elders will succumb to health problems and even death.

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